Reanibex 500 EMS, the most compact defibrillator on the market

  • Due to its lightness and small size, it aspires to become the most demanded among emergency professionals.

The Spanish manufacturer Lost Simetry has started the commercial launch of the defibrillators manufactured by Bexen Cardio after the signing of the strategic agreement reached between both companies in April. Among the models that are generating the most expectation, the Reanibex 500 EMS stands out, a defibrillator weighing only four kilograms specially designed for health emergencies and basic and advanced life support ambulances.

The Reanibex 500 EMS is a high-performance defibrillator with an unusually low weight: four kilograms, including accessories, when other similar devices range between six or seven kilograms. A device that, due to its lightness and small dimensions (29 cm wide, 24.5 long and 10 high), aspires to become the most demanded among health emergency professionals to provide ambulances with basic and advanced life support. 

“The Reanibex 500 EMS perfectly complements our ambulances, designed precisely to make them lighter and more functional. With its 4 kilograms of weight and such small dimensions it fits optimally in our designs ”, they explain in Lost Simetry.

The Reanibex 500 EMS has four modes of action: monitor, manual defibrillator, automated defibrillator and pacemaker. It is designed to perform advanced monitoring and resuscitation functions. Monitors ECG, oxygen saturation, capnography and non-invasive blood pressure.

From Lost Simetry's commercial management they affirm that this equipment is the perfect answer to the needs of the health emergency sector, where the demands are maximum and space and weight are very precious elements when equipping an ambulance. "In addition, our experienced sales team has a distribution network that reaches most of the emergency teams operating in Spanish territory," they point out.

Lost Simetry has launched an important commercial campaign in order to bring it closer to end users so that they can see first-hand its features and manageability. The company also markets the Reanibex 700 and 800 models.

Training and customer service

The commercialization of these equipment is the result of an agreement signed between Lost Simetry and Bexen Cardio in April. The agreement also includes technical advice and training. For this reason, the Lost Simetry sales team has attended several training courses offered by the manufacturer to learn first-hand how they work and thus be able to offer the best customer service, advise correctly and carry out an effective after-sales service.
In this way, the Lost Simetry sales team becomes the first link in the after-sales service, as it can quickly identify possible problems and guide the technical service on the measures to be taken and even, in some cases, be able to respond to the user. directly.