• During the second half of the year Lost Simetry increased its workforce by 20% to be able to meet the demand.
• Operations have increased by 184% compared to 2019
• The company has started the manufacture of reinforced polyester parts.
• Lost Simetry has managed to approve five multi-phase approvals throughout 2020, which allows it to issue technical sheets without going through any inspection.

Lost Simetry has closed 2020 with an increase in the turnover of its Sanitary Division of 40%. Only in the Community of Madrid it signed contracts worth more than two million euros. These data are derived from the situation caused by Covid-19, which forced the company to reorient its production and diversify its lines of business until then focused mainly on the adaptation of special vehicles (ambulances, mobile clinics, adapted vehicles, communication, etc.).
"We have managed to balance our productive capacity by investing a greater effort in the manufacture and commercialization of sanitary material to be able to respond to the important demand for personal protective equipment that the country has had in these months and especially in the health sector", says Julián Carrión, CEO of Lost Simetry.

Indeed, in record time the company managed to supply PPE from international markets to the most important emergency entities in the country, such as SAMUR or SERMAS. At the same time, it began the manufacture of different individual protection products, such as protective masks and curtains or partitions for offices.
As a consequence of this activity, and of the special vehicle orders in the last semester of the year, Lost Simetry increased its workforce by 20% in order to be able to meet the demand of its clients while meeting the established deadlines.

Before the end of the year, the company delivered several projects, among which the operation that allowed the Government of the Canary Islands to completely renew its fleet on the islands of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote stands out.

“If we look at the qualitative aspects,” adds Carrión, “the balance for the year is positive. We have overcome important challenges that, due to their complexity or the customer's needs, were crucial. "

These include the acquisition of a company specializing in the manufacture of reinforced polyester molds, the expansion of the healthcare offer with more than 700 new items and the transformation and approval of the first hyper-reduced ambulance to bring healthcare to the old centers of the cities.


Lost Simetry has managed to pass five multi-phase approvals throughout 2020, which allows it to issue technical sheets without going through any inspection.
These approvals, together with those already available previously, allow the company to cover most of the base vehicles with a significant weight in the ambulance market in our country.

As these are European type approvals, the company is authorized to issue Certificates of Conformity (CoC) that are valid for registration in any country of the European Union, which greatly expands its potential market.

“At the same time that we strengthen our supply of base vehicles, we can offer the three types of ambulance indicated by the regulations (types A, B and C), with maximum masses of 3500 kg, 3880kg and higher; with front or rear wheel drive; on a van or on an independent box, as well as the possibility of manufacturing very specific ambulances according to the particular needs of the client ”, explained the Lost Simetry engineers.