The manufacture of polyester reinforced with fiberglass will allow the company to make lighter and stronger vehicle adaptations and the development of components for other sectors such as construction or the automotive industry.

Lost Simetry has recently acquired a company specialized in the manufacture of polyester molds and parts with the dual objective of perfecting the adaptations of medical vehicles and also supplying other sectors, such as construction or automotive, custom and high quality components. quality.

The acquisition is part of the company's diversification strategy, which began last year with the manufacture or marketing of new health products, such as masks, first-aid kits, protective equipment or items for aspiration, resuscitation and oxygen.


Reinforced polyester is a fundamental component in the transformation process of special vehicles, mainly in the ambulance market, which will provide the company with a clear competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.

Reinforced polyester has excellent technical performance, mainly due to its lightness and resistance, so that vehicles are safer and reduce fuel consumption, which translates into a reduction of Co2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition, this compound makes it possible to manufacture a significant number of components and products for very different sectors such as construction, industrial machinery or shipping and the automobile industry, thus opening the door to new markets.

Taking advantage of the reorganization and expansion of the facilities carried out in January 2020, Lost Simetry has allocated an area of ​​around 1,000 square meters to this new division of the company.

According to Julián Carrión, CEO of Lost Simetry, “this rapid positioning in the market has generated new contracts with important companies in the construction sector for the manufacture of molds and parts in just a few months of operation. This good reception and the expectations that we have aroused allow us to expect a growth of 300% during the year 2021 ”.