Increased lightness, improved ergonomics and functionality. Greater safety, decisive improvements in the refrigeration and preservation of medicines. Definitive technological solutions. At Lost Simetry we were ahead of the future two years ago. Today we maintain the commitment and we continue adding. Therefore, we apply a 30% discount for Future types B and C.

The Future ambulance was born to respond to two clear demands of the ambulance sector: safety and functionality. Throughout this time, the numerous models manufactured have become unique models, models to repeat. But Lost Simetry has not stopped betting on innovation and the Future of today more than responds to these needs and many more because the requirements of today are not those of then and the technology is not the same.

Its new design has been conceived by a diverse team of experts consisting of engineers, mechanics, electricians, designers, even the sales and product department and management participated in its creation. But it also had the collaboration of those who know the most: health workers, whose experience was fundamental.

The new designs have been tried, tested and perfected until reaching a cutting-edge ambulance model that has widely exceeded the UNE-EN 1789: 2007 + A2: 2014 standard in each phase of its development.

The prototypes of the new Future models passed another tough test: they had their debut at RETTMobil International 2019, the leading international rescue and mobility exhibition held annually in the German city of Fulda. Professionals from around the world had the opportunity to test the advantages and advances of Future ambulances and their response confirmed the need to initiate the definitive industrial development.

The industrial process has contributed to reducing manufacturing times by around 30% and, therefore, costs. And not only in the transformation, but also in the after-sales repairs, which have been drastically reduced as the furniture is better protected, with more compact finishes that improve the sealing and facilitate the care of the compartment. In addition, by improving the insulation of the patient's cabin, both acoustic and thermal, it has been achieved that the teams in charge of maintaining comfort in this area suffer less wear and tear.

Future is probably the lightest ambulance on the market. Designers have eliminated accessory elements, replaced parts with lighter ones, and managed to significantly reduce weight.

The great demand that the Future has had throughout its 2 years of life

and the good reception of the 30% discount applied during the first quarter of 2021,

has prompted Lost Simetry to extend the period of the offer until the next 31 of May.


Improving functionality and security remains one of the main objectives. For this reason, with the healthcare team and patients in mind, Lost Simetry has continued to develop solutions that make more efficient use of the workspace within the dimensions set by the UNE-EN 1789: 2007 standard. Among them are:

• Low weight. 20% percent lighter.
• Increased ergonomics to improve working conditions, reduce stress on the healthcare team and allow better patient care.
• Refrigerated ampulary with temperature control and closing of the cabinets.
• More accessible and comfortable roof handle for work on the healthcare area.
• Improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of the patient's cabin.
• Improved access to all intakes and equipment, and to the controls of the oxygen cylinders.
• Improved lighting in the healthcare area. Intelligent lighting in access areas.
• Effective cleaning and disinfection thanks to the elimination of joints and corners that accumulate dirt.